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New York City Pizza Boosts Online Ordering Revenue During COVID-19

The casual Italian restaurant Drives 5,000+ Orders Across 5 Locations and Sees 25X ROI

New York City Pizza Drives 5000+ Orders Across 5 Locations and Sees 25X ROI

New York City Pizza is a multi-location Italian dining restaurant in South Carolina. Before partnering with BentoBox, New York City Pizza used different platforms and fulfillment types across locations to manage pickup and delivery orders. The guest experience of placing an order and the management of incoming orders for staff was fragmented. When COVID-19 shut down on-premise dining, the business responded by pivoting to BentoBox, streamlining online ordering and quickly driving 25X ROI. Here’s their story.

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Before BentoBox

Running a single location restaurant is difficult enough, from dealing with leases and permits, to payroll and managing daily service operations. Yet, many restaurateurs look to expand their business by opening additional locations which can complicate operations. New York City Pizza operates 5 locations in its home state of South Carolina. 

The Italian restaurant had yet to streamline online ordering operations prior to the pandemic. With COVID-19, the restaurants were forced to stop on-premise dining and focus on online ordering for pickup and delivery. Prior to this, New York City Pizza received to-go orders primarily over the phone, which tied up staff, as well as third-party marketplaces. To complicate matters further, each location used multiple platforms that required additional training for staff.

A graphic that says before BentoBox

The Solution

To rectify the issue of using multiple online ordering platforms across several locations, New York City Pizza implemented Bento Ordering to capture orders for pickup and delivery. This gave them the ability to manage commission-free orders across all 5 locations using the same easy-to-use dashboard. Another crucial benefit was the ability to set up multiple delivery zones and the ability to set custom delivery fees for each location.

The BentoBox backend UI where restaurants can set delivery zones and custom fees by location

The BentoBox backend UI where restaurants can set delivery zones and custom fees by location

Loyal customers now could visit their website and place orders with ease. An additional benefit is that staff were tied up less frequently on the phone or managing orders through multiple platforms, streamlining operations. Ultimately, implementing Bento Ordering became a reliable revenue stream with a clear ROI during COVID-19.

A graphic that tells the solution that BentoBox provided

The Results

The results are clear. Since using Bento Ordering for pickup and delivery orders, New York City Pizza has captured 7,000+ new diner emails to use for future marketing campaigns to drive repeat orders. Their online sales have grown 55% month over month.

A graphic showing the results of using online ordering from BentoBox

“BentoBox has helped us to manage more than $100,000 in monthly pickup and delivery sales across our locations. Ordering is seamless for diners, easy for staff, and I can prove marketing ROI.”

Patty Gallardo, Director of Marketing | New York City Pizza

Like New York City Pizza, restaurants across the country have benefited from using Bento Ordering, especially as COVID-19 has continued to affect and influence restaurant operations. Multi-location restaurants like New York City Pizza have been able to grow their customer database automatically with each order placed to use for powerful marketing campaigns. They also have the ability to run sales reports by location. Lastly, restaurants have streamlined training their staff with a simple-to-use all-in-one system to learn and operate across all locations. 

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