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BentoBox Launches Online Ordering for Restaurants

New online ordering platform puts restaurants back in control and lets consumers order directly from restaurant websites

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Update: BentoBox launches cost-effective delivery services with Bento Door-to-Door. Read more about delivery here

BentoBox, the leading hospitality platform that empowers restaurants through their own website, is proud to announce a new online ordering option: Bento Ordering. The online ordering solution allows restaurants to capture and easily manage orders for pick up and delivery directly through their website. With Bento Ordering, restaurants can bypass high commission costs charged by third-party online ordering marketplaces. Restaurants also retain complete ownership of their customer relationships and online ordering store experience. 

Bento Ordering offers online ordering that supports the restaurant’s revenue growth. While third-party delivery options often pocket over 30% of a restaurant’s total check, restaurants using Bento Ordering keep 96% of their ordering margins, on average. Bento Ordering operates on a monthly subscription cost lower than any other provider in the industry. It also applies a design-first approach that keeps the restaurant’s brand and logo front and center from the first click to checkout to order updates. The restaurant controls all messaging as well as customer information for future outreach.

In beta testing, restaurants like Buddha Bruddah in Seattle have seen 880x ROI in their first month using Bento Ordering. “The backend is great,” says founders Andrea and Mark Mizer. “Other platforms make it time-consuming to add or remove entrées, and they keep a third of your order revenue. With Bento Ordering, it’s easy and we’re in control.” The family-run, Asian/Hawaiian restaurant has also seen a 21% increase in its profit margins using Bento Ordering. 

No more paying 20%+ on commission fees. We’re putting restaurant operators back in control.

Krystle Mobayeni, BentoBox CEO.

To place an order, guests simply visit the restaurant’s website and select the online ordering option. Consumers can then order by location, see menu options, customize their order, move through a simple checkout, and receive order updates through email and SMS. After the order is placed, it’s sent to the restaurant’s BentoBox backend or to their POS system for easy fulfillment. Integration with 30+ POS, including Square, eliminates manual order entry and automatically sends the order to the kitchen. 

With the recent news surrounding third-party delivery services like GrubHub misplacing funds, consumers are looking for a better way to order online. In fact, 70% of consumers prefer to order online directly from the restaurant rather than through a third-party. Bento Ordering makes it easy. Consumers can feel confident ordering from their favorite restaurant, knowing the majority of their sales goes directly to the establishments they love. They can also be assured that menu information is always accurate because it’s under the restaurant’s control.

“For a long time, third-party delivery companies have burdened the restaurant with the price of convenience,” says BentoBox CEO, Krystle Mobayeni. “Bento Ordering offers the hospitality industry an online ordering option at a fraction of the cost, streamlining their workflow and giving full access to customer information, menus and store settings, and end profits. No more paying 20%+ on commission fees. We’re putting restaurant operators back in control.”

About BentoBox

BentoBox empowers restaurants to own their presence, profits and relationships. The hospitality platform disrupts third-party services that come between the restaurant and the guest. BentoBox puts the restaurant first and offers tools that drive high-margin revenue directly through the restaurant’s website. BentoBox is trusted and loved by over 5,000 restaurants worldwide including Union Square Hospitality Group, Eleven Madison Park, José Andrés’ Think Food Group, Manresa, Dominique Crenn Dining Group and H-Town Hospitality (Hugo’s, Xochi).

Based in New York City, BentoBox is one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies. Ranked 305 in the list, the company’s GAAP revenue has grown 1,479% over the past three years and maintained over 98% month-over-month retention. BentoBox has successfully raised over $30 million in funding, including backing from EHI, Danny Meyer’s investment fund. For more information on the hospitality-specific platform visit getbento.com.

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