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Set up an online store in under 4 days, and as little as 24 hours.

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Designed to Drive Sales

Customers can choose their location, pick-up time, items and contact method.

Orders and Settings in One Place

Track orders as they come in. Update menus, hours and alerts in real-time.

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Easy controls that get your store up-and-running in 4 days or less.

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“Bento Ordering makes it easy to capture orders on our website and quickly fulfill them. We saw over $2,000 in order sales soon after launching.”

Andrea and Mark Mizer | Co-Owners | Buddha Bruddah

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Online Ordering That Represents Your Brand

  • Custom setup and menu design.
  • Guests can tailor an order and add-to-cart.
  • Secure checkout with preferred partner  Square logoSquare.
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Get a Streamlined Management System

  • Manage multiple locations, menus and bank accounts.
  • Send your guests automatic status updates.
  • Auto-print orders to Square and 30+ POS systems.
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Own Your Profits and Relationships

  • Send deals, news or messages to your customers.
  • Keep the revenue. No more commission fees.
  • Complimentary drop-cards and branded promo items.
Increase your revenue
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BentoBox Solution

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Third-party vendors take 20%+ of your profits. Own your online ordering revenue.

Unavailable items lead to unhappy customers. 86 items faster.

It is hard to build customer relationships. Keep guests on your website.

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