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Introducing Dine-In Order & Pay: Paperless Menus and Payment for Restaurants

How Dine-In Order & Pay by BentoBox changes the game for restaurants.

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Our mission at BentoBox is to empower the world’s restaurants to succeed in their mission of hospitality. That's why we launched digital ordering and payment for restaurants — free of charge with online ordering and our delivery services

Introducing Dine-In Ordering

Dine-In Order & Pay delivers digital ordering and payment that’s fast and simple for restaurants and guests. Reduce manual tasks for your servers like writing down orders and closing checks to focus on more purposeful connections.

A mobile device and a QR code graphic with text about 50 tabletop signs and ordering experience is set up for you

Here’s what we know: 

  • Restaurants need to generate more revenue right now.

  • Maximizing revenue through staff and table volume is no longer reliable.

  • The path forward is through automation and turning higher profits from existing tables.

  • Adapting to new processes must be low-cost, fast to set up, and low-effort. No exceptions.

  • The hospitality industry is transforming, with an increased focus on health and safety.

Boost Your Bottom Line and Capture Orders Faster.

How Dine-In Ordering Works

Once guests are seated at a table, they immediately see a tabletop sign that directs them to a QR code. When they open the camera app on their phone and scan the code, their phone automatically pulls up the restaurant’s digital menu. From there, items are added to cart and table number is entered at checkout.

A graphic showing how Dine-In Ordering works: Scan a QR code, place an order from your phone, restaurant sees the order.

With payment captured at the time of order, manual actions like dropping the bill, collecting a pile of credit cards, swiping payments manually, and leaving paper receipts become a thing of the past. Guests are able to add drinks, desserts, and additional courses without wait times, driving higher table spend for the restaurant. 

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"Dine-In Ordering is helping us to serve more covers per day without any additional labor."

Justin Weiss, General Manager at Mercy Me.

Why Guests Prefer Dine-In Ordering

Dine-In Ordering  introduces automation and accuracy that saves 10+ minutes per table at the beginning and end of a meal. Rather than listening to orders and transcribing, servers see orders firsthand. Instead of dropping a bill, or running to charge a card, then dropping and collecting receipts, this is all done for the server upfront. 

Guests, for their part, are no longer beholden to busy servers. They have the immediacy to order and pay at their own will, and they feel safe.

View Creative Ways Restaurants Can Present QR Codes

"With Dine-In Ordering, our guests love the control to leave as soon as they're ready, because they already paid the bill. They don't need to wait on server availability at the end of their meal."

See Our Getting Started Guide

Find Out How Dine-In Order & Pay Would Look at Your Restaurant

How Dine-In Ordering Drives Revenue

Dine-In Ordering converts more visitors into paying customers. Restaurants turn tables faster and deliver a safe dine-in experience that brings guests back. Email addresses are captured for every table, offering a customer list for contact-tracing efforts and wider marketing reach.

"Our patio guests love the ability to order on their own! We’re seeing 33% of tables add follow-up orders, driving higher spend without the added labor.”

Heidi Washam, GM at E.Z Tiger
More Revenue per Day, More Guests, More Repeat Visits

What Restaurants Say About Dine-In Ordering


With this new paradigm for dining in, servers no longer write down orders or spend time closing out a table. They refocus their time on hospitality, becoming the sommeliers of food. As hospitality transforms in the wake of COVID-19,  restaurants must tailor their levels of interaction to the needs and comfort of guests. Front-of-house (FOH) operators tell us the platform is easy-to-use, with little training required. Servers can enter incoming orders into the POS or BentoBox can print to the kitchen automatically.

Real-Time Feed for Incoming Dine-In Orders for Restaurants

A Real-Time Feed Shows Incoming Dine-In Orders

Menu Updates are Instant

Any time menu prices need to be adjusted, new items added, or old ones removed, this can be done in seconds without any menu printing. A staff member just presses “Save” in BentoBox and the change is automatically reflected to guests.

"We love the ability to update our menus in real-time without any printing. Any time we add or edit a menu item or change a price, it reflects automatically."

Heidi Washam, GM at E.Z Tiger

One Platform for Dine-In, Pickup, and Delivery

No need to add a new login to manage contactless dine-in orders. Consolidate platforms and deliver a seamless guest experience online. Restaurants using Dine-In Ordering gain access to Bento Ordering, with pickup and delivery included as part of the monthly cost.

Why It’s Worth Adapting to the New Norm

dine-in ordering by bentobox - before vs after

Contactless dining is the future for restaurants. Dine-In Ordering by BentoBox is easy to learn and has the industry's most affordable pricing with payback in a single meal. Our team builds out ordering experiences for every restaurant, and we print complimentary tabletop signs for each table.

Get Simple Control and Drive More Revenue

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