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Use Promo Codes For Gift Cards

Offer a discount on gift cards using promo codes to encourage guests to come in when the dust settles. Remind your guests that purchasing gift cards to their favorite restaurants during these challenging times helps them keep their doors open and their business afloat. When things return to normal, guests can go back to enjoying the food, drink and hospitality they love.

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L’Artusi promotes gift cards via a homepage pop-up alert.

Sell Items Through Ecommerce

Sell meal kits, baked or packaged goods for local pick up through the merchandise store on your website. If your restaurant offers non-perishables of any kind, promote and sell them through the store as well. This is a way to give the community more options for purchasing needed items if they’re staying indoors.

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Empellon promoted meal packages for pick up using their website.

These are just a few ways that you can keep guests updated online and adjust your offerings during this uncertain time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or if you need anything at all. Whether it’s through our product offering or our team who is always willing to lend an empathetic ear, we’re here to support you.


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