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All-In-One Solution Sends Proposals and Collects Payment Faster

Manage seamless food & beverage experiences with limited staff to drive more high-margin revenue

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As the 2020 holiday season approaches, restaurant operators are working tirelessly to keep spirits high, adjusting operations to align with guidelines. The speed and adaptability of our customers leave us in awe every day. This year, thousands of restaurants across the U.S. moved to direct, commission-free online ordering and are using contactless ordering and payment to turn tables faster. Since the pandemic started, diners have viewed online ordering menus over 31 million times, visiting the hospitality businesses they love online and donating an extra $264,000 in COVID-19 Relief Fund donations at checkout.

Looking for new ways to drive revenue? Check out our complimentary holiday lookbook.

BentoBox is proud to help restaurants own guest relationships and drive higher profits. We are now ready to announce a new solution to better serve food-and-beverage experiences and manage contracts with limited staff. 

While we don’t know what the next few months will hold, here is what we do know: 

1. Restaurants across the country need cash flow — more, immediately, and with less staff. 

2. Increasingly, U.S. diners are inquiring online for small-grouped private dining and catering contracts. 

3. There’s an opportunity for restaurants to tap into this revenue stream for the holiday season. 

The demand for food & beverage experiences is there, whether on-premise or off-premise: with small group birthdays re-emerging, micro weddings replacing larger ones and family gatherings at home. 

Today, BentoBox releases an updated solution to manage end-to-end guest experiences that involve contracts faster and more seamlessly — at $0/month until February 2021.

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Here’s what the all-new Events Management includes:

  • Online inquiry form to capture interest online, notifying staff immediately.

  • Send professional proposals, pulling from digital event menus our team sets up

  • Collect secure deposits electronically for faster cash flow with less drop-off 

  • Download banquet event orders (BEOs) as easy sheets for the kitchen to prep off of

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Get Started With Events Management

Effortless Event Inquiries. Simple Contracts. Easy-to-manage Event Details.

Best-Case Holiday Season

Restaurants across the country stay open for on-premise dining. They offer COVID-safe private dining for patio seating, private rooms, or buyouts for higher-margin revenue.

Worst-Case Holiday Season

If the country goes back into lockdown, families will spend on prepared meal deliveries and essential workers will still need meals in bulk. This tool helps manage an additional revenue stream without friction or any cost, beyond a nominal setup fee. Our team sets up digital event menus so restaurants can spend less time on contracts and capture seamless deposits online. 

Our vision is to be the technology that elevates every interaction between restaurants and their guests. With BentoBox, operators can drive additional revenue during the holiday season and beyond.

Krystle Mobayeni, CEO at BentoBox

Collect and Qualify Inquiries Online

A smart form captures interest from each guest and automatically sends an email notification to the right staff member for private dining or catered off-premise business. 

Restaurant events inquiry form

Track Event Status Faster

See everything in one place. Restaurants can filter the status of an upcoming or complete event in seconds, driving more leads into bookings.

BentoBox backend interface for events management

Customize Event Charges and Menus in Seconds

Spend less time digging through old proposals and copy/pasting documents. Send guests the details they are expecting faster, without the manual work.

Events Management Backend

Create Proposals The Owner Would Be Proud Of

Send branded and detailed documents for each event — automatically — helping event managers exceed guest expectations without the work.

Restaurant Event Proposal Form

Capture Simple, Secure Deposits Upfront

Build trust with each guest and stop chasing customers over phone, form or drop-in checks.

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Download Automatically Generated BEOs

Communicate with staff faster. Add internal notes and preformatted kitchen sheets without the fuss.

Private restaurant event form

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For restaurants currently managing contracts for events, staff members are likely: 

  • Managing inquiries and locking down bookings manually, with little visibility into status

  • Sending proposals that are copy/pasted documents

  • Collecting payment over phone, form, and drop-in check — and by chasing down customers

  • Creating BEOs for the kitchen for every event by hand

Every manual task adds drop-off points and risks lost revenue. 

For restaurants that don’t yet offer private dining or off-premise catering:

Use our lookbook to see examples from other restaurants and get their advice.

For restaurants that are currently closed — whether permanently or temporarily:

Consider bringing your food to guests without relying on a brick-and-mortar location. Use Events Management for catered events and corporate packages.


It is this industry’s passion that powers our team. COVID-19 has been the catalyst for many restaurants to take the reins, improve efficiencies, and add automation to move faster. Our mission is to help restaurants own their profits and presence online and we are thankful to have taken this ride with each business, no matter how small our part.

Get Started With Events Management

Effortless Event Inquiries. Simple Contracts. Easy-to-manage Event Details.