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Why Your Restaurant Should Sell Tickets Online

3 reasons why your website should offer online ticketing

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Is your restaurant selling tickets online for events? If it’s not, that’s easy revenue you’re missing out on. Selling tickets in advance allows you to plan for the right number of guests, and by requesting money ahead of time, it's also an easy way to help with cashflow. When it comes to selling tickets online, the technology is there waiting for you, and so is the demand from your customers. Offering tickets online is the most convenient way for guests to buy them, anytime, anywhere; and for restaurants, it’s also a chance to make your event sales more efficient—a win-win on all sides. There are different options for selling tickets online, but we’ve found that what works best is selling tickets straight from your restaurant’s website. (Adding this functionality to your site is quick and painless—ask us how!)

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why your restaurant’s website should start selling tickets.

Gain Control Without The Extra Fees

BentoBox customers have found that using the BentoBox ticketing platform on their website has helped save them money. “It’s been very convenient to have everything on our own website after using EventBrite last year. They charged a cover fee, which I didn’t like,” explains Lauren Davis, events director at Raines Law Room and Dear Irving.  There are no hidden fees or cover charges with BentoBox because we believe that your ticket sales should go entirely to you.

The bottom line is that selling tickets online is, well, good for your bottom line. Something as simple as offering an open bar with the cost of a ticket is a smart idea—chances are, most guests won’t be able to drink enough to meet your cost of serving alcohol. When it comes to food, whether you offer prixe-fixe, small plates, or buffet style, you have total control over food costs and can account for them in the price of the ticket.

Stay Organized Effortlessly

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BentoBox's ticketing tool helps you stay organized with different events.

Ticketed events shouldn’t be complicated. When selling tickets offline, there’s a lot of work that goes into tracking, updating, and coordinating details with attendees. When you sell your event tickets online with BentoBox, you can keep track of sales, guests, and updates all in one place, right through the platform. For Davis, the BentoBox ticketing platform is a valuable timesaver: “It’s nice because I can just jump onto BentoBox and it’s all right there,” she says. Having everything in one simple place saves you and your staff tons of time, while also helping to keep event planning details streamlined.

Promote Your Brand

Think about it: guests visit your website to learn more about you and your offerings. Doesn’t it make the most sense for information about your events to be on your homepage, as opposed to a different website or social media platform? When you sell tickets on your website through BentoBox, you can beautifully display all or some of your upcoming events and use our special alert pop-up feature to help promote them. This way, the promo will match your brand and makes it easy for guests to know when you’re hosting that next cocktail class.

Restaurant technology offers so many great ways to stay connected and make things convenient for your guests. And when all that technology is in one place, it saves you a lot of time and extra effort. Want more information about our ticketing feature? Ask us right this way.

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