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The Best Summer Wines To Add To Your List

3 picks from the pros at Charlie Bird in NYC

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Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to adjust your wine list to suit guest’s craving for lighter warm-weather offerings. To make this season refreshingly simple, we reached out to Brandon Borcoman, the man in charge of all things wine and spirits at Charlie Bird in New York City. In this, the first of a two-part series, we’re including some of Borcoman’s notes on wines that are great to add to your beverage menu this summer. They’re crowd pleasers that should be easy sells alongside lighter seasonal menu offerings, and most are readily available from distributors. As we talked with Borcoman, we sensed a theme about summertime wines: it’s a great time to discover the nuance of simplicity.

bottles of wine

Wine being chilled at Charlie Bird.


Domaine Triennes Rosé 2016 

If someone wants to drink rosé, they’re gonna drink rosé, so there’s no reason to put up an argument. I think you should give people the right examples and make it so they don’t have to think too much. Triennes kind of covers all the bases—even though it’s not very expensive, it’s made by some of the best winemakers in the world—Burgundians Jacques Seysses and Aubert de Villaine.  It’s kind of a classically sea-salty wine from Provence. You can taste some rocks in there, and it’s got a beautiful salmon-pink color to it. These estates have come together to make something that couples everyday drinking with tremendous quality.


Chateau du Hureau Chenin Blanc 'Argile' 2014

This Chenin Blanc is made by the historical Vatan family in the Loire valley. Chenin Blanc is exciting a lot of times because not everyone knows what to expect from the Chenin Blanc grape. On the palate it’s got a really active, kind of kinetic energy. It can pair extremely well with fish, and it goes great with raw oysters as well. If you’re sitting down with a grain salad or burrata, it can cut right through with its acidity. At the same time, it can hold up to roast chicken, or something a little bit more savory. It’s a wine that impresses, but is also easy drinking. It’s not too complicated, it’s not too cerebral. It’s just a well-made Chenin Blanc.


Scarpetta Spumante Brut Rosé NV

Bobby Stuckey is one of the owners of Frasca, in Boulder, Colorado, as well as a Master Sommelier who is very educated and talented in the wine world. At Charlie Bird, we have a ‘Shameless Plug’ section of our menu, where we feature wines from some of our industry friends, including Bobby. This wine is an Italian sparkling rose from Friuli, which is in Northeastern Italy, and made in the same manner as Prosecco. It’s a dry iteration of a sparkling rosé, so it’s not too sweet, and not too heavy-forward. There’s a serious nature to it, but it also lends itself to just drinking over and over again—and being very satisfied with what’s in your glass.

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