A visual roundup of our favorite fine dining, cocktail bar, and hotel restaurant website designs

In previous posts, we’ve rounded up our favorite web designs for fast-casual restaurants, coffee shops, neighborhood spots and more. Now we’re picking our top cocktail bars, fine dining, and hotel restaurant websites of 2016. Read on for more restaurant web design inspiration.

Cocktail Bars

Grand Army Bar, Brooklyn, NY

grand army bar

Grand Army shows, not tells, just how cozy it is with photos detailing its interior, including an inviting fireplace.

Dear Irving, New York, NY

dear irving

Dear Irving’s minimalist design captures the cocktail bar’s elegant, timeless feel.

Barmini by Jose Andres, Washington, DC

jose andres barmini

Barmini’s use of video takes guests into the bar and shows off their creative, sophisticated, and whimsical approach to cocktails.

Bua Bar, New York, NY

bua bar

From the very first image on their site, Bua Bar clearly communicates their vibei.e. that they’re a place where guests can and will have fun.

Fine Dining

L’Artusi, New York, NY



L’Artusi’s site shows the inside of the restaurant both empty and full of people. We like the contrast, allowing visitors to see the beauty of the space, and the liveliness that staff and guests bring to it.

Beachcraft, Miami, FL


This Tom Colicchio site is airy and bright, just like the restaurant itself. The details clearly communicate Beachcraft’s brand.

Alma, Minneapolis, MN



Alma’s clean and streamlined website echoes the high-quality food and service the restaurant offers.

Hotel Restaurants

Q at the Empress, Victoria, BC

q at the empress

Not only are the images on this site beautiful, but we love how Q at the Empress distinguishes itself from the hotel it lives in by having an “Our Story” section on their website.

Mr. Purple, New York, NY

mr purple

To put it plainly: Mr. Purple’s website is really cool. The colors and shots of the interior make it clear that it’s a sleek place to see and be seen.

Steadfast, Chicago, IL


Every detail of this website is well thought out, re-emphasizing Steadfast’s brand and image. Steadfast establishes itself as a standalone restaurant—the site lets visitors know that it just so happens to be in a hotel.

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