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Restaurant Roundup: The Best Digital Holiday Promotions

A look at the best digital holiday promotions from some of our favorite restaurants

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From intimate dinners to corporate buyouts, the holiday season means many restaurants are balancing their regular service with private and special events. Some restaurants choose to focus primarily on private dining as a driving factor for the season, while others use the holidays creatively to upsell their offerings.

This season, we’ve noticed a ton of restaurants using their websites to spread the word about their holiday happenings. We’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite restaurants who are using their digital presence to promote their holiday offerings online—take a look at how they’re doing it below.

New Years Eve Party at Raines Law Room

a screenshot of Raines Lawroom ticket page
Raines Law Room's ticketing feature.

Between the dimly-lit, speakeasy vibe and extensive cocktail list, Raines Law Room is a classy place to ring in the New Year. The restaurant has been hosting New Year’s Eve parties here for several years, and this year they decided to to promote the event on their website.

“It’s been very convenient to have everything on our own website after using EventBrite last year,” says Lauren Davis, events director at Raines Law Room and Dear Irving. Davis switched to using BentoBox’s ticketing feature this season to keep everything in one place and avoid paying service fees. “I can just go jump onto BentoBox and it’s all right there,” Davis says.

New Year’s Eve Soiree at Dear Irving

Ring the New Year in with style in the Midnight In Paris inspired bar. Dear Irving’s classy vibe, with four rooms representing different historical eras, is reflected online with their minimalist website—which also makes their New Year’s Eve Soiree homepage alert stand out, a major upgrade from last year.

An event room with leather chairs

Main seating area at Dear Irving. Photo via Zagat.

“I think because of the website alert, people see the flyer right away, instead of just distributing flyers at the bar like we did last year,” says Davis. This popup alert plus the ease of purchasing tickets right off their website made this bar a must on our list.

Christmas Eve at Threes Brewing

Deck the halls and drink all the beer at Brooklyn’s hip and spacious brewery, Threes Brewing. From a special menu by The Meat Hook, hot spiced rum, live music, and discounted beer, this will be a Christmas Eve heavy on the merriment.

a screenshot of calendar on Three's Brewing website

The calendar on Three's Brewing's website.

The brilliance behind this event’s promo? Three’s put a calendar tab on their website to showcase the events and happenings at the brewery. The beautiful calendar is not only eye-catching, but it’s also super informative with the date, time, place, and price of every event.

Roar in 2017 in Gatsby style at Pergola

Pergola’s stunning space promises a 1920s throwback vibe for New Year’s Eve this year. What we loved here? This bottle service-encouraged party makes it easy for guests to feel like VIPs by selling tables straight through their website.

Mince Pies and Holiday Themed Cocktails at The Breslin

This season, The Breslin, a Michelin-starred gastropub inside of the Ace Hotel, is promoting all of their holiday offerings on their website by adding a “Holidays” tab to their navigation.

a close up of food on a minced pie
The minced meat pies offered at The Breslin this holiday season.

Want to know the cocktail offerings or if they’ve changed up their hours for the holidays? Or perhaps you’d like to buy some of their delicious mince meat pies for get togethers? Sure thing—just click on the Holidays tab and all the info is right there. The best part is that guests don’t have to do any guesswork, because it’s all in one central location on their website.  

New Year’s Eve 2016 / 2017 with Happy Cooking Hospitality

The West Village based hospitality group that includes Fedora, Bar Sardine, Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's Grocery, and Perla Cafe makes it seamless for guests to know what’s happening in all of their locations by creating a news event dedicated to New Year’s Eve. From Champagne to pilsner, this group has you covered.

They aren’t offering a prix fixe or limited menu, but instead full menus and special  additions to each menu. They get this message across to their guests and make it easy for them pick a location to celebrate.

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