A roundup of our favorite minimalist restaurant website designs


Bar Agricole, San Francisco, California

bar agricole website

This clean website combines traditional concepts and contemporary elements, including colorful shapes that mimic the art inside the restaurant itself.

Dear Irving, New York, New York

dear irvings website

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—the cool, neutral color scheme on this postage-themed website, along with the gentle script, captures this cocktail bar’s elegant, timeless feel.

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Various Locations, Massachusetts

island creek oyster bar website

This website’s minimal background allows for the striking photography of  fishermen, ocean life, and the restaurant’s food to stand out, letting visitors know right off the bat that Island Creek places seafood first.

Sunday in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York

sunday in brooklyn website

The white stucco walls, geometric planters, and airy California vibe that Sunday in Brooklyn displays in their space is also captured on their modern, angular website.

Enzo, Carmel-By-The-Sea, California

enzo website

At Enzo, Southern Italian food meets a contemporary rustic setting. Their simple, photo forward website reminds visitors of the restaurant's cosy, yet elegant vibe.

Daily Provisions, New York, New York 

daily provisions website

The neutral background lets the gorgeous photography of baked goods, coffee, and fresh bread stand out on the website for Danny Meyer’s latest. 

The Spaniard, New York, New York

the spaniard bar

The Spaniard’s website is a good example of how minimal doesn’t have to mean lots of white, negative space. The dark, streamlined colors on this website, along with straight-to-the-point information, makes this bar seem both fun and elegant.

Clark Cooper Concepts, Houston, Texas 

clark cooper concepts

This hospitality group’s website guides visitors to every one of their restaurants, while also making it clear that each one has its own distinct personality with the same underlying theme: personality. The website’s light design and minimal text allows the photos to speak for themselves.

Untitled, New York, New York

untitled at the whitney

Untilted at the Whitney is on the ground floor of the beautiful museum. The elegant simplicity of this website gives off an art gallery feel, while letting the restaurant’s stunning food stand out.

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