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Winners of the 2019 Bento Design Awards

Congrats to the winners of our restaurant design competition

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We’re extremely proud to announce the winners of the Bento Design Awards, which recognize and celebrate the most talented designers in the hospitality industry. This edition of the awards focused on restaurant menu design. All entries were judged by our panel of experts on readability, innovation and overall design of menus made for print. Read on to meet our winners and get a glimpse of their amazing work.

Bento Design Award Winner

Blossom Bar in Brookline, MA

Vimana Creative a close up of text on a black background

 "The Blossom Bar menu design has a rare combination of taste, legibility, and a thoughtful layout. The colorful bottoms tabs and drink sketches make the menu approachable and easy to navigate, while the laser-etched wood cover, textured paper, and brass screws add to the ambiance and make it feel high quality."

Aaron Epstein, Co-founder of Creative Market


The thing that caught my eye on the Blossom Bar menu is how perfectly and comprehensively each drink is communicated to the diner. There's more info here than what I typically find on cocktail menus, and yet the minimal design emanates elegance and it isn't cluttered or the least bit confusing. I think the illustrations are what really makes it succeed—it's an ultra impactful and stylish way of relaying the serving method (when I'm at a cocktail bar, the serving method is as important to me as the primary spirit).

- Lukas Volger, Co-founder & Editorial Director of Jarry


"I love the subtle use of color and watermarked patterns. The playfulness of the illustrations is seamlessly executed as a contrast to the overall maturity of the design while staying true to the overarching theme of modern art deco. The layout is clear and easy to navigate—it transported me to another time and place."

- Aaron Silverman, Chef & Restaurateur of Rose's Luxury, Little Pearl, Pineapple & Pearls

People’s Choice Award Winner

Hopkins in Quebec, Canada

Saint Urbain Hopkins in Quebec, Canada

“Hopkins' design is simple, yet layered with a real consistency of how it's applied throughout the various touch points with just the right amount of surprise. It sets a clear intention and I found it very evocative, extracting a real feeling from the viewer. A balancing act like that is more challenging to achieve than you think.”

- Camilla Marcus, Founder of west~bourne

Innovation Category Winner

Southern Kin in Somerville, MA

Stebbings Partners a close up of text on a white background

"Southern Kin's menu design delivers excitement and innovation in the form of a well-composed set of elements that come together to tell a story. From the worn-in touches of the notepad-turned-drink menu that makes it feel like something you've had for a long time, to the vibrant, neon palette that provides a base for the xerox-copied food menus. Every detail makes for an appetizing visual buffet that gives off a comforting, southern vibe."

- AJ Camara, Design Director at BentoBox

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