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How to Increase Restaurant Sales on Super Bowl Sunday

Gameday restaurant promotion ideas to score more sales

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*Updated from January 14th, 2021

The Super Bowl is one of the first big events that restaurants can capitalize on in the new year. Each February, two NFL teams battle it out on the gridiron, while viewers tune in at home. This year, COVID-19 will ensure that people stay in to watch the game in lieu of a big viewing event at a bar or restaurant. With a heightened emphasis on catering and online ordering, there will be more demand than ever for takeout. 

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The Demand for Super Bowl Takeout and Delivery is Growing

It’s estimated that 48 million people ordered delivery for Super Bowl LIV.  And according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent nearly $17.2 billion on the Super Bowl last year, including party decor, team merchandise, and—most importantly—food and beverages which accounted for 80% of all purchases. Americans spend around $88 on average while viewing the event — money that is a huge revenue driver for restaurants. To help restaurants drive much-needed revenue, we put together some actionable ways to increase restaurant profits on Super Bowl Sunday.

Create a Game Day Menu, Sell Special Packages and Meal Kits

Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day of the year in the US, right after Thanksgiving, meaning that restaurants should cater to the masses by offering a game day menu. Wings, pizza and beer are pretty standard when it comes to football games, but restaurants can up their menu offerings by adding unique Super Bowl specials to guests. Want to make it really stand out? Make sure football fans know about it by making it easily found on the website.

Tommy's Pizza and Sports Bar dedicates a menu to Super Bowl Packages

Tommy's Pizza and Sports Bar dedicates a menu to Super Bowl Packages

In Libertyville, Il Tommy's Pizza and Sports Bar promotes their “Super Bowl Packages” on the menu section of its website. Guests can view the menu and start their order directly online. Even restaurants that don’t typically cater to game day items can still get in on the action. Guests are looking for new ways to experience the big game and support their favorite restaurants at the same time. Unique offerings in the form of meal kits are a great way to provide the restaurant experience at home.

Promote Menus and Specials With Popup Alerts

One of the quickest ways to educate visitors to the website on new restaurant specials and offerings is to create a popup alert on the homepage.

Rosemary's promoted its Super Bowl Pig Roast menu via a popup alert on their homepage.

Rosemary's promoted its Super Bowl Pig Roast menu via a popup alert on their homepage.

Rosemary's of New York City promoted their Super Bowl Pig Roast event last year with a popup alert when visitors landed on the website. Guests could view the menu or click on a link to make a reservation.

Tackle the Competition With an Online Catering Store

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Bien Trucha Group sold Super Bowl Packages through its online catering store last year.

People like to order take-out and delivery in large quantities on game day. Case in point—there’s a 35% increase in pizza deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday, and Americans go through nearly 125 million chicken wings on that day alone. But keep in mind that competition is steep today, so restaurants will need to make their business stand out. 

One easy way to do so? Offer online Super Bowl catering packages similar to how Bien Trucha Group did during last year’s Super Bowl. This eliminates the need for long or confusing phone calls and helps ensure a smooth experience for both customers and restaurants alike. Just be sure to include options for all sauces, sides and utensils to make the ordering as seamless as possible. At BentoBox, it’s easier than ever to capture catering orders and inquiries with an online catering store. We’re now offering online catering to restaurants that aren’t currently using BentoBox. Start capturing catering orders today.

Get Ahead of The Game: Start Marketing Super Bowl Specials Early On

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Marketing templates are available for all restaurants to use

The Super Bowl is all about healthy competition. In a crowded restaurant landscape, especially online, restaurants that market their special offerings early on will stand out from the competition and prosper. As marketing strategies differ from restaurant to restaurant, the platforms and tools that exist are more universal. Social media is key to growing an audience and converting followers into paying customers. For restaurants who are looking for somewhere to start can check out BentoBox’s free marketing resources page. It includes free templates for social media, email marketing and indoor signage and any restaurant is able to use them. They’re regularly updated by our talented design team. Restaurants can download Super Bowl social media templates here. Just be sure to follow best practices when advertising for the Super Bowl. To avoid any trademark dispute, restaurants should use terms like, “The Big Game” or “Game Day” in lieu of using “Super Bowl” in advertising. 

These are just a few quick ways that restaurants can capitalize on Super Bowl Sunday. Want to turn your website into a real touchdown and make every day as great as game day? Get in touch with us right here.

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