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Best Summer Restaurant Playlists 2019

Moving the guest experience beyond the brick and mortar, restaurants share their playlists online

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Music is key in creating a great vibe in restaurants. The way guests feel in the restaurant is just as important as the food and the service. More than ever, restaurants are curating playlists and adding them to their website via the Spotify icon, so that guests can get a feel of the restaurant before they visit. Here are some of our favorite playlists to check out this summer.

Restaurant playlist for fast casual restaurants -

Hot Cow by Crafty Cow

“Hot Cow,” the playlist aptly named for Milwaukee’s Crafty Cow, a craft beer and burger spot, features an insatiable list of classic soul artists such as Otis Redding and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings while also mixing in new indie rock artists like Angel Olsen and Future Islands. You can listen along via the Spotify icon on their website and foster a fun and exciting atmosphere for your guests through a range of genres.

Restaurant playlist for trendy, neighborhood brunch spots -

80's Pop by Sunday In Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn is the well respected Brooklyn neighborhood restaurant that is suitably named for the type of atmosphere they look to create: A casual, carefree Sunday in the neighborhood. We can’t stop listening to this 80’s Pop playlist with the likes of David Bowie exclaiming, “Let’s Dance” and Blondie’s formidable ask, “Call Me.” It goes well with their guests choice of seasonal cocktails and fried chicken sandwiches. If it works for them, it can work for you.

Restaurant playlist for busy, upscale restaurants, clubs and bars -

The Collection by Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive’s, “The Collection” playlist, pairs perfectly with their daily “aperitivo ritual,” a happy hour of cocktails and wines by the glass that is like the essence of a Mediterranean summer. With six locations including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Fig & Olive gives access to the melodies that make up their chic environments through the Spotify icon on their website. You too can follow “The Collection” and transport your guests to the French Riviera, if only for a moment.

Restaurant playlist for restaurant and bars with upbeat vibes -

Weekday brunch by Sweet Chick

Try this combination: Fried Chicken and Waffles, eccentric cocktails like the Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all and hip hop’s greatest on the speakers. Sweet Chick’s philosophy is serving reinvented Americana dishes surrounded by a cool vibe. Founded by John Seymour and notorious Queens rapper, Nas, their Spotify playlists “Weekday brunch” and “Wednesday vibe” celebrates the cultural importance that hip hop has played in New York City, Los Angeles (where they set up a second location) and around the world.

Restaurant playlist for dark, candle-lit dive bars on a rainy night -

Fedora Music by The Starlight

Put yourself in this scene: It’s late on a Friday night. It’s raining out and you’ve got a dark, wooden bar full of guests drinking and having meaningful conversation in the half-light. Sound like your restaurant or bar? The Starlight, the charming and unassuming concept in Brooklyn, has an array of published playlists on their Spotify account, which you can access through their website. The “Fedora Music” playlist especially speaks to The Starlight’s retro-inspired environment, cut from a bygone era of early-60s, jazzy nostalgia. 

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