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BentoBox for Neighborhood Spots

As the cornerstone of the community, it's important to keep regulars up-to-date online with the latest menus, happenings and more.

Andrea Borgen, Restaurateur | Barcito

“I wear a lot of hats and am stretched pretty thin. BentoBox was exactly what I needed—a beautiful website, strategically designed, within my budget, that I can quickly adjust as our needs change. ”

Andrea Borgen | Restaurateur | Barcito

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Build your Online Presence

Give your loyal visitors a home before and after they dine.

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Increase Your Traffic

Capture more interest online from local searches.

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Drive More Revenue

Convert traffic into customers with gift cards, merch and more.

Reviews in One Place

See your website traffic and analytics in an easy dashboard.

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Take Back Control

Sell event tickets, offer online ordering and keep the profits.

Share Your Story

Showcase your team and share your restaurant's story online.