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BentoBox for Hotel Restaurants

A website dedicated to a hotel restaurant has proven to increase local demand. BentoBox makes it easy for hotel restaurants to establish themselves as destinations for locals and tourists alike.

“Fairmont's restaurants make our hotels destinations for locals and tourists. There's a stigma that hotel restaurants are boring and lack identity—but that's not true. BentoBox gives our restaurants that competitive edge.”

Mansi Vagt | Vice President, Marketing & Brands | Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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Effortlessly Sell Gift Cards

BentoBox will help you drive customer loyalty and online sales by selling gift cards on your website.

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Define Your Brand

Include an about section on your website that highlights your team members or add links to your social media channels.

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Maximize Your SEO

BentoBox websites are designed with built-in keywords, targeting and SEO best practices so you show up as a top search result.

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Update Your Menus With Ease

With our menu management system, it is quick and easy to make changes or add new menu items.

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Drive Local Demand

A BentoBox website will distinguish your business so your restaurant will be recognized by locals and visitors as a restaurant that just so happens to be in a hotel.

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Book More Private Events

BentoBox takes the work out of the booking process by giving you the tools to manage and promote private events.