ADA & Restaurant Website Accessibility


Your Restaurant Website is a Target for ADA Lawsuits

Restaurants of all sizes are facing lawsuits because their websites do not meet digital accessibility guidelines. More than ever, it's imperative to ensure your website is equally serving all guests online and protecting your business. Working with a company like BentoBox means having a partner that has taken extensive measures to ensure just that.
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The BentoBox Platform is Certified Accessible

BentoBox’s website templates have been audited by Accessible360, a leading digital accessibility consultant, as being in material conformance with WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines.

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Ongoing Accessibility Updates

As part of our commitment to accessibility, new BentoBox features are reviewed by our partners at Accessible360 on a regular basis.

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Accessibility Conformance Letters

BentoBox customers can receive an Accessibility Conformance Letter for their business and legal records.

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Accessibility Statement Pages

Including an Accessibility Statement is best practice for any restaurant website and can be easily added on BentoBox.

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Training & Support

BentoBox provides ongoing training and support around accessibility issues and ADA requirements for restaurant websites, empowering you and your team to stay ahead of the curve.

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