Online Restaurant Gift Cards

Drive customer loyalty and online sales with digital and physical gift cards.

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Sell and Track Purchases

Secure checkout. Digital and physical gift card purchases are in your dashboard.

Mobile-Friendly Gift Cards

Redeemable through a branded email that can be printed or shown on a phone.

Physical Cards, Purchased Online

Manage purchases and track orders through a simple online dashboard.

Sell Gift Cards on Your Website

  • Secure credit card forms and easy checkout process.
  • Set promo codes. Offer promotional gift cards.
  • Redeem and set values. All in your dashboard.
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Mobile-friendly Digital Gift Cards

  • Guests receive a branded email with a unique code.
  • Gift cards can be displayed on a phone or printed.
  • Easily track and redeem gift cards.
Manage your dashboard
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Sell Physical Gift Cards—Online

  • Manage transactions and gift card revenue.
  • Set options for pick-up or ship to your customers.
  • Track sales with a restaurant gift card system. 
Increase your revenue
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Why should I sell restaurant gift cards online?

Restaurant gift cards can help drive customer loyalty, online sales, and provide a source of revenue for your restaurant.

How can I sell gift cards online?

BentoBox allows you to sell digital and physical gift cards directly through your website.


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