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Bento Box helped us streamline our private events booking. The simple, straightforward forms allowed us to collect only the essential information and save valuable time from the constant back and forth bookings typically require. Who knew we had so much demand through our website? Matt Kliegman, Owner The Smile, Black Seed Bagel
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Prix fixe? High profile? No problem.

Booking large group events quickly and easily is one of the most effective ways to drive revenue for your business. We take the work out of the booking process by giving you the tools to manage and promote private events.

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Manage Requests

Streamline event bookings by managing requests from BentoBox's dashboard. You'll be able to keep events organized without messy paperwork, and track your most valuable individual customers.

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Forget about faxing credit card information back and forth or dealing with unwieldy PDFs. You'll be able to take deposits for private events securely on your website. Get paid faster. Keep your guests' info safe.

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Post Menus

Share special menus and packages for private events right on your website. Easily update them seasonally or as needed.

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Smart Lead Forms

BentoBox has smarter lead forms that are proven to convert high-margin bookings. The forms are easy to fill out and gather the information you need up front so you can reply to inquiries quicker and more informed.

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