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Simple analytics. One easy dashboard.

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Sean Feeney Co-Owner | Grovehouse, Lilia, Misi

“It is the perfect product for restaurants to use and operate. I can’t think of anything that’s more efficient—It completely changed the game and disrupted an inefficient market. ”

Sean Feeney | Co-Owner | Grovehouse Hospitality Group, Lilia, Misi

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Hospitality-First Data

  • Make sense of complicated analytics. No interpreting necessary. 
  • Online revenue at-a-glance. Track profits.
  • View reviews and press mentions in real-time.
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Get Weekly Email Reports

  • View website traffic, guest activity and trends.
  • Track online revenue. Uncover new opportunities.
  • See data that informs like popular catering items.
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Insights on Your Loyal Customers

  • Real-time record of inquiries, orders and sign-ups.
  • Search and filter your database. Find info, fast.
  • Downloadable info for emails and loyalty programs.
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Chef Daniela Soto-Innes and Chef de Cuisine Marisol Corona, ATLA

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