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Easily host events, sell tickets and keep track of guests with an all-in-one system.

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Ticketed Events. Directly on Your Website.

No middleman. Create events and sell tickets without third-party vendors.

Manage Event Details

Control the entire process including announcements, ticket sales and tracking.

Grow Your Business

Keep all of the revenue. Maintain relationships long after the event is over.

Luke Momo, Marketing Consultant | Eno Terra

“We use BentoBox to sell tickets to tastings and dinners — transacting over $9,000 in revenue in one month.”

Luke Momo | Marketing | Eno Terra

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Promote and Sell tickets—On Your Website

  • Announce your event with easy-to-add info and images
  • Customize it. Choose the event category, ticket type and price.
  • Gather special requests such as dietary restrictions
Increase your revenue
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Easily Control Ticketed Event Details

  • Set inventory and purchase limits for different types of tickets
  • Use promo codes as giveaways and to drive sales
  • Export guest lists to keep track of people as they arrive
Manage your dashboard
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Own Every Moment of Your Event

  • Build your brand and retain loyal customers
  • Keep all of your ticketed event profits with zero fees 
  • Designed event pages and a smooth and secure checkout process
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Most profitable events: New Year's Eve, Classes and Fourth of July


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