Payment Processing

Manage BentoBox transactions with payment processing powered by Clover.

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Access an end-to-end solution

Take orders, process payments, and manage them all in the same platform.

Accept payments through Clover

The BentoBox platform directly integrates with Clover payments for simple payment processing.

Simplified rates for new customers

Flat-rate processing enables you to absorb a single transaction fee across multiple credit card providers.

We’ve teamed up with Clover to make your life easier.

  • BentoBox and Clover have partnered to provide a simple end-to-end solution for restaurants managing online orders and e-commerce. 
  • The BentoBox platform provides best-in-class Ordering and E-Commerce tools so you can manage online orders and sell gift cards, merchandise, and more.
  • Clover provides simple payment processing for all ordering and e-commerce transactions occurring through your BentoBox storefronts.
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