Loyalty Program for Restaurants

Recognize and reward your most loyal online customers.

loyalty program

Built-In Hospitality

Treat online customers as you would on premise.

Easy Guest Incentives

Bring back diners with nudges and easy-to-redeem rewards.

Program Automation

Turn on set-it-and-forget-it purchase tracking for each diner.

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“We've had so many customers supporting us through this pandemic, and it was time to give back. This simple, free, personalized program took two minutes to turn on.”

Geoffroy Raby | Owner, Cuisinett

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More takeout profits, less work.

Win diner loyalty and take back control from marketplaces.

Take Care of Your Guests

  • Customers are enrolled automatically with first purchase. 
  • Program shown at ecommerce checkout and in receipts.
  • Unlocked rewards are auto-redeemed at next checkout.

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loyalty program

Incentivize Repeat Orders

  • Milestones make reordering more appealing.
  • “Almost There” email quickens pace to re-order.
  • Program can be visible or hidden for surprise rewards.
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loyalty program
Loyalty program applies to online ordering, catering, merchandise sales, ticketing, and/or gift cards.

Build True Loyalty

  • Email address captured and used to recognize each customer.
  • Email messaging customizable to the brand.
  • Program reporting shows member stats and new revenue all in one place.
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loyalty program

5 hrs

Saved per week


Per month. Included with eCommerce

3 Mins

To activate

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