BentoBox for Neighborhood Spots

Mom & Pops, Local Haunts, Neighborhood Spots or whatever you call them, are the pillars of our community. BentoBox provides user friendly websites to keep locals and regulars up to date on the latest menus, happenings, and more.
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As a small business owner, I wear a lot of hats, and am stretched pretty thin. I used to design and manage our website on my own, and grew increasingly concerned that my site wasn't optimized to it's full potential. BentoBox was exactly what I needed—a beautiful website, strategically designed, within my budget, that I can quickly adjust on my own as the restaurant's needs change. The transition was seamless, and I can say with confidence, our site has never looked or functioned better. Andrea Borgen Barcito
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Effortlessly Sell Gift Cards

BentoBox gift cards let you manage and track all online gift card purchases painlessly without having to link out to a 3rd party seller.

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Build Your Community Online

Use our blog function to keep neighborhood guests updated on restaurant happenings, or include an about section on your website that highlights team members that your guests can recognize while dining.

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Update Your Menus With Ease

With our menu management system, it’s easy to make changes to your menu or add new ones.

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Sell Branded Merchandise

Encourage guests to shop and eat local by selling your brand’s merchandise straight from your website.

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Book More Private Events

Guests can inquire about private events hassle free while you sell tickets for live music nights, private happenings, and more.

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Keep Guests In The Know

With the BentoBox alert feature, you can have a pop-up box on your homepage letting your guests know about last minute update or specials.

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