BentoBox for Hotel Restaurants

It's proven that a website dedicated to a hotel's restaurant increases local demand. BentoBox makes it easy for hotel restaurants to establish themselves as destinations without the heavy lifting.
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Fairmont's restaurants are an integral part of the mission to make our hotels destinations for locals as much as they are for tourists. There's a stigma that hotel restaurants are boring, stuffy and lack identity—but that's not true. BentoBox helps give our restaurants that competitive edge by having a website that's beautifully branded and easy to manage. Mansi Vagt Fairmont Hotels
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Effortlessly Sell Gift Cards

With BentoBox gift cards, you can manage and track all online gift card purchases painlessly without having to link out to a 3rd party seller.

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Define Your Brand

Include an about section on your website letting guests know your team or take advantage of our blog function where you can keep them updated regularly.

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Maximize Your SEO

BentoBox websites are built with search engines’ algorithms in mind so that your bar’s website ranks higher in search results.

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Update Your Menus With Ease

With our menu management system, it’s easy to make changes to your menu or add new ones.

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Drive Local Demand

Having a BentoBox websites distinguishes your business, so your restaurant will be recognized by locals and visitors as a restaurant that just so happens to be in a hotel.

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Book More Private Events

BentoBox takes the work out of the booking process by giving you the tools to manage and promote private events.

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