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Whether it's beer on tap or seasonal cocktails, it's never been so simple to keep your beverage offerings up to date. When it comes to private parties and events, BentoBox makes it easy to promote and accept payments online.
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The website is beautiful and I do think it’s a great representation of what the bar looks like and feels like. We do get a lot of people that say, 'We're excited to try this thing we saw on your website'—we can definitely see that guests are referencing it. Carissa Clay Grand Army
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Book More Private Events

With BentoBox, guests can inquire about private events hassle free so you can book that special bachelorette party or birthday gathering faster.

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Keep Guests In The Know

BentoBox’s alert feature offers you the option of having a pop-up box on your homepage. Now, you can let your guests know about new happy hour deals, new beer on tap, or any fun happenings.

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Sell Tickets The Easy Way

Selling tickets for live shows, sports nights, or anything in between has never been so easy with BentoBox’s ticketing feature.

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Stay Socially Connected

BentoBox enables you to seamlessly integrate your social media accounts making it easy for guests to find and follow all of your social channels.

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Maximize Your SEO

BentoBox websites are built with search engines’ algorithms in mind so that your bar’s website ranks higher in search results.

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Update Your Menu in Minutes

Keeping your latest seasonal cocktails up to date and letting guests know you've got delicious bar bites is easy on BentoBox.

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