COVID-19 Support and Restaurant Resources

BentoBox is committed to supporting the restaurant community and empowering restaurants to succeed. As the world adapts to the profound impact of COVID-19, restaurants are navigating an unprecedented situation. Here are some tools, resources and insights to help navigate these changes. 

Maximize Restaurant Revenue Online

It is more important than ever to include all important information and updates on your restaurant website. To get you started, here are restaurant website best practices. Other ways to maximize restaurant revenue: 

Restaurant Reopening Guide

The BentoBox guide includes actionable tips and recommendations to help restaurants safety reopen. It features best practices for guest communication, guidance for physical space layout, staff training tips and more. Learn more here.

Industry Resources

There are a number of resources and organizations that support and champion restaurants. We compiled a guide with funds, assistance programs, initiatives and state-by-state resources. The National Restaurant Association and Stand for Small have guides too. Also, the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, The Lee Initiative and Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) all support the industry. 

At BentoBox, we launched Restaurants.love to help diners find local restaurants. We also launched a Pop-up Shop where all proceeds are split between the Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR) and the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC).