Hi. We’re BentoBox.

Our Mission

Empower the world’s restaurants to succeed in their mission of hospitality.

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Our Vision

Be the technology that elevates every interaction between restaurants and their guests.

To make our vision a reality, we stay true to three simple pillars.


Anticipate needs in a way that celebrates our core mission.


Aspire to combine quality and expertise to create something magical.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, everything is anchored in what actually matters.

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Our Principles

This is how we act and perform to reach our mission and vision.

Serve the customer.

We hold the customer above all else, with the same warmth and generosity that they give in their restaurant. Their goals are our goals. Their success is our success. Trust the customer more than you trust yourself.

Simple. Intuitive.

Innovation is born from simplicity. Over-complication is a product of ambiguity. Do the work to make everything effortless for the restaurants we serve and peers we collaborate with.

Deliver value.

Every action and decision should be vetted with the lens of what impact it has. Empty trends are distractions. Provide support. Inspire results. Avoid raising problems without proposing solutions.

This is your company.

Ensuring we are fulfilling our mission to restaurants, and that we do it well, is your job - no matter what your title or the task is. Trust and community come through accountability. We are all owners.

Be an expert.

Know the industry, know the customer, know the product, know the story, know the facts, know the technology - and if you don't, figure it out before you're asked. Master your domain on behalf of your team and customers.

Data informed, spirit driven.

Our strategy is rooted in measurable insights. Information may guide us, but we never forget that we're building for humans. We don't allow dogma to replace the meaningful experiences that are born out of intuition and empathy.

Be authentic.

Embody a genuine confidence that is felt, not heard. Transparency earns respect, partnership and collaboration.

Excellence is in the details.

Be relentlessly detail-oriented because that is what separates good from excellent. Good enough is never enough. Go above and beyond. Once you get there - go higher.

Low burn, high velocity.

Run, fall, get up, brush off, learn, repeat. Everything, except speed, can be iterated on. Be resourceful. Do more with less.

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Our Team

BentoBox is powered by a dynamic team that loves restaurants and good company.

We're driven and excited by growth and collaboration, and always looking for new team members who support our mission and vision.

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Photo of team looking at a computer
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Photo of a gentleman pouring wine
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Staff happy hour photo
Photo of BentoBox team around a table

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