Case Study: Repeat Rewards

Learn how a New York, NY restaurant uses BentoBox's loyalty program to bring more guests back and generate new revenue. 

The Restaurant:


Find out exactly what Alidoro did to address their top 3 problems.

See What Happened
loyalty program - Alidoro - BentoBox Repeat Rewards



No way to reward takeout customers for their loyalty.



Implementing a loyalty program felt daunting.


Marketplace commissions

Loyal diners were re-ordering through marketplaces.

“Loyalty is important now more than ever. Restaurants need a way to build loyalty directly versus through the third-party apps that kill us all on fees. Repeat Rewards guarantees that customers come back directly to us. It’s a no-brainer — we absolutely had to do it.”

Alex Muñoz | Director of Operations

alidoro online ordering and loyalty through bentobox

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