Case Study: Dine-In Ordering

Learn how a Nashville, TN restaurant uses BentoBox's contactless ordering and payment to serve 60 guests at once with server.

The Restaurant:

615 Chutney

Find out exactly what Chutney 615 did to address their top 3 problems.

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Manual transactions

Taking orders and payment required staff at every table twice per meal.


Unsustainable paper menus

Laminated paper menus pre-COVID were difficult to update.


COVID-19 risk

Needed to reduce contact and scale limited staff without cost or friction.


“This has revolutionized dine-in ordering. I tell my guests — this is like Amazon for Indian cooking. You view items, add-to-cart, and check out in seconds. We bring the food to you.”

Niroop Prabhakar | Owner, 615 Chutney

615 chutney by bentobox

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