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Claudine on Selling Event Tickets and Growing Their Catering Operations

How the LA-based restaurant and bakery uses digital tools to grow their business

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Between their baked goods, grab-and-go bites, coffee and wine bar, Claudine Artisan Kitchen and Bakeshop covers it all. The Los Angeles-based bakery, owned by chef Anthony Jacquet and pastry chef Lea Newton, not only does a great job of connecting with every guest that walks through their door, but they also provide a great experience for every guest online.
The Results? 22% increase in tickets sold on website, 9x return on investment for catering, 80% increase in email list signups

Thanks to their robust online presence, the bakery has managed to expand their business and brand, with their website as a driving force toward growth. Before Claudine even opened in May of 2016, Jacquet and Newton smartly developed the foundation of their brand, which took into account the importance of building a strong digital platform. Today, when it comes to the power of their website in helping Jacquet and Newton successfully launch, grow and run their business, the numbers speak for themselves.

The Claudine team. Shannon Wilkins, Lea Newton, Anthony Jacquet, & Shao Tam.

The Claudine team. Shannon Wilkins, Lea Newton, Anthony Jacquet, & Shao Tam.

Claudine signed up for BentoBox before the bakery officially opened. There are several benefits to launching your business with BentoBox off the bat:

  • We’ll set up a splash page for you on the house.

  • Low startup cost with plans for all budgets and no contracts—we earn your business every month.

  • As your business grows and evolves, there are a variety of features and functions to help update your website and assist with any of your restaurant's needs.

  • Start growing your email list before you open. The amount of email recipients on Claudine’s list has increased by nearly 80% since their first campaign in September.

  • Have a question? We’ve got you covered—our customer service team is quick to respond.

Promote & Sell Your Events

The online tickets Claudine's sold for their event, "Claudine by Night."

The online tickets Claudine's sold for their event, "Claudine by Night."

  • “We’ve always had these pop-up events in our business plan,” explains Jacquet. He wanted to capitalize on his fine dining background by offering dinners inspired by different dining experiences, from wineries to burger festivals.

  • Jacquet gets the word out about these special events by implementing a promotional ticketing tool on Claudine’s homepage, which helps him sell and manage tickets all in one place. 

  • Claudine’s has already seen a 22% increase in the number of tickets sold since they started using the BentoBox Ticketing Feature in September.

Offer Catering in Advance the Easy Way

  • In November, Claudine’s started using BentoBox’s Pre-Order Catering feature to sell "Sides and Pies" for Thanksgiving directly on their website. 

  • This feature takes the work out of the booking and menu selection process by providing features like online payments, order management, and local delivery/pick-up options.

  • The tool brought in nine times more revenue than the cost of one month on the BentoBox platform for Claudine’s.

Claudine's online pre-order catering for their Sides and Pies Thanksgiving Special.

Claudine's online pre-order catering for their Sides and Pies Thanksgiving Special.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

  • Since opening in May, Claudine’s has used BentoBox’s Newsletter Sign-up feature to promote their pop-up events and special offerings.

  • “We do a blast about twice a month, and we’ve been successful in building a higher volume [of subscribers],” says Jacquet. 

  • The creative hack here? Not only do they have their email sign-up clearly displayed on their website, but they also put an iPad in the store where guests have the option to subscribe to the newsletter in-person.

  • So far, the iPad in store has covered 18% of signups, whereas the other 82% of email marketing signups have happend remotely online—stressing the importance of having a signup directly on your website.  

"A subscription model might not seem ideal for someone starting a restaurant, but I figured the investment was worth it," says Jacquet. "When you’re starting up a restaurant, there are so many things going on. What I liked about BentoBox is that the platform makes it easier for the restaurant user—the support team is helpful and really took a load off of our plate.” Which is true. With the help of a few handy tools, Jacquet has been able to promote his business and his bottom linea worthwhile investment, indeed.

Want to do the same for your restaurant? Get in touch with BentoBox today.  

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