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The Best Restaurant Logos

A roundup of our favorite BentoBox restaurant logos

The window to a restaurant

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry. As we’ve previously discussed, guests will most likely search for your restaurant online before even stepping foot inside. So your website not only needs to look great, but your visual identity should also be clear and enticing. We’ve touched on restaurant branding in the past, but now, we want to shift our focus to logos specifically, which are displayed everywhere from your website to social media to signage and print ads.

To help give you some visual inspiration, we’re rounding up some of our favorite BentoBox restaurant logos.

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Various Locations, Massachusetts

a close up of a logo
Logo by OAT.

We love the clear initials of Island Creek Oyster Bar, which look sophisticated while also approachable, just like the restaurant.

Made Nice, Manhattan, New York

Made Nice Logo

Logo by be-poles.

This circular logo looks almost like a stamp, which, when placed on the website and on Made Nice's window, could be taken as a seal of approval.

Saint Dinette, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Dinette logo

The emphasis on the word “Saint” in this logo draws to guests’ attention that this is a neighborhood spot for Saint Paul locals.

The Penrose, Manhattan, New York

a close up of a logo

Logo by Common Space.

We love how the clean font still distinguishes itself with slight curves and a sharp grey-blue color.

Enzo, Carmel-By-The-Sea, California

Enzo logo

Logo by Shane Smit.

The neat lines, in combination with the restaurant’s name written in all caps, feels elegant, just like this NorCal restaurant itself.

Americado, Fort Worth, Texas

Americado logo
Logo by Coeval Studios.

The bold, curved text of this logo shows off the restaurant’s lively, fun personality.

The Bonnie, Queens, New York

The cursive font is classy, but also familiar and warm. It perfectly reflects this gastropub’s cozy-yet-slightly-upmarket vibe.

Match 65, Manhattan, New York

Match Brasserie logo

We love the striking, all-caps  design of the word “Match,” with the “65” hidden inside the “C.” Guests can recognize the word  from a distance and the font itself adds to the French feel.

Planta, Toronto, Canada

Planta logo

Logo by Deck Agency.

No matter which side of the dual-color scheme Planta’s logo falls in, the geometric shapes within set it apart, so the logo is immediately recognizable.

Baz Bagel, Manhattan, New York

a close up of a logo

Logo by Bari Musacchio.

Baz Bagel plays up the tropical vibe with palm trees in their logo; but stays true to their NYC roots with playful silhouettes of the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower.

Quiubo, Naperville, Illinois

Quiubo Logo

Logo by Futura.

Quiubo offers ‘ancestral’ Mexican cuisine and their logo provides a heritage aesthetic, with the red color and small geometric shapes forming the restaurant’s name.

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