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Become a BentoBox Agency Partner

Learn best practices. Leverage and build your client base. Expand your offering.

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Agency Partners

Agency Partners get recurring revenue for each client you refer. Get access to the BentoBox Partner Network and Partner Directory Listing. As well as discounts for your clients.

Agency Plus Partners

Agency Plus Partners earn two revenue streams at once: recurring revenue for each BentoBox referral and revenue from managing and maintaining your clients’ BentoBox website using your own services. Update menus and content; manage homepage alerts. And get paid for it.

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What Agency Partners get

More Revenue

  • 20% recurring revenue share.
  • Ability to expand services and revenues through Bento’s restaurant content services.
  • A dedicated restaurant solutions coach who will help grow your restaurant clientele and earn more revenue.

Training & Support

  • Best-in-class support, seven days a week. With a dedicated team there to help when restaurants need it. 
  • Personalized training for agency partners and your clients before launch.
  • Dedicated restaurant marketing support to help with your client and prospect outreach.

Lead Gen

  • Partner Directory Listing
  • Awareness by participating in writing blog content, facilitating webinars, etc.


  • Access to the BentoBox Partner Network.
  • Private peer group. So you can connect with other partners and learn more about agency marketing best practices.

Benefits for your clients

  • Special discounts.
  • Dedicated Sales and Onboarding representatives.
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